Gynecomastia is a popular operation, especially in the U.K. and Ireland, and the Consultant Surgeon at Medimel has considerable experience and expertise in this field.
The operation involves excision and often, but not always, liposuction of the male breast. There are various causes of this disease: it can occur naturally during adolescence caused by hormonal disturbances. Alternatively, as is often the case, patients can have gynecomastia as a result of steroid use.

About the operation.
There are two types of resection of male breasts. The first is the classical surgical cut, the second is lipoplasty (liposuction). Medimel is one of the few places in Europe which has streamlined the procedure so that the surgeon`s intervention is the least visible.

Recommendations before and after surgery
A prerequisite to carry out surgery is a good general state of health of the patient and normal results of basic laboratory tests. In addition, the patient before the procedure must perform breast ultrasound examination and hormonal testing (normally arranged by us). Before the operation close-up photographs from the front and both sides need to be sent to us, as well as a filled-in Patient form.
After the procedure, histopathological examination is performed to check that no malignancy can be found.


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