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Breast Augmentation

Is one of the most popular and most frequently performed cosmetic procedures in the world. Almost every woman dreams about having a perfect and unique bust. This is also the procedure that raises the strongest emotions because its effects are quickly visible. Here Medimel ensures that every pair of breasts is adapted to the beauty and figure of the patient. As a consequence of this patients may expect that their appearance after surgery will remain natural.

About the surgery.
Up till now for implant selection the patient has needed to trust the surgeon and has not had much of an imput into the decision-making process. This situation has changed recently in the patients’ favor because Medimel now uses the Matrix-Biodynamic system whereby patients are able to participate actively in the decision-making process. The type and size of the implants is individually selected by computer based on measurements taken before surgery. Ladies can try the next size and shape of their breasts by wearing a special bra with matching external implants.

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