operacja piersi

Recommendations before and after surgery
• The following tests are needed: blood cell count, APTT, ionogram, urinalysis, ultrasound (and after the age of 40 a mammogram), HIV and HCV;
• Before surgery, do not eat for 6 hours, or take liquids for 4 hours, smoking should be as limited as possible; medications which thin the blood, such as aspirin, should also not be taken for 14 days before the operation;
• After surgery the patient stays under the observation of the Consultant Surgeon for a period determined by the Consultant Surgeon;
• Up to 6 weeks after surgery the patient wears a bra and a special patch to reduce postoperative scarring;
• For a few months after surgery it is important to reduce physical exertion and to avoid contact with the sun’s rays.

Frequently Asked Questions
• About pain: contrary to popular opinion the pain after this surgery is slight. Patients need only painkillers for about a week;
• Scars: due to skillful execution of and the use of appropriate cutting and sewing techniques the scar is barely visible, so that women can usually feel just as comfortable being nude.

Important! The patient after surgery is in constant contact with the Surgeon.

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