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Breast reduction

The dream of perfect breasts as it turns out does not always go hand in hand with size. For some women the breast is a heavy affliction, and contrary to popular belief, this can be unpleasant.
Too large breasts may lead to a strained back, and this can be the major disadvantage. Sometimes this makes it difficult to breathe and can prevent taking part in, for example, sports. These are some of the reasons why some women opt for breast reduction. This treatment has beneficial effects not only on health but also appearance and well-being.

About the surgery
This treatment is recommended not only for ladies with large breasts but also for women after childbirth and breastfeeding. During the procedure excess skin is removed and subcutaneous tissue and nipple are moved from the bottom of the breast. This prevents the formation of scars in the cleavage. In a new location the reduced nipple is sewn in together with surround. The treatment usually lasts more than 3 hours and takes place under general anesthesia.

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