operacja piersi

Recommendations before and after surgery
• The following tests are performed (all of which are carried out here): morphology, APTT, ionogram, urinalysis, ultrasound (and mammograms for breasts after the age of 40), HIV and HCV;
• Before surgery: do not eat for 6 hours, or take liquids for 4 hours, smoking should be as limited as possible, and blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin should not be taken for 14 days before the operation;
• After surgery the patient stays under the observation of the Consultant Surgeon for a period determined by her;
• For 6 weeks after surgery the patient wears a bra and a special patch to reduce postoperative scarring;
• For a few months the patient should reduce physical exertion and avoid contact with the sun’s rays.

Frequently Asked Questions
Probably after this procedure the patient will not have the possibility of breast-feeding, so be sure to think hard about this before the operation - about whether it is worth giving up the possibility to breast-feed.

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