operacja piersi

Recommendations before and after surgery
• The following tests are performed: blood cell count, APTT, ionogram, urinalysis, ultrasound or breast mammography, HIV and HCV;
• A patient before surgery will have to reduce smoking or even stop, and not eat for 6 hours, or take liquids for 4 hours;
• After surgery the patient stays under the observation of the Consultant Surgeon for a period determined by the Consultant Surgeon;
• The stitches are removed after 14 days, and 6 weeks after this a patient wears a bra and a special patch to reduce postoperative scarring;
• The patients must be sure to avoid the stress of sport for 2 months and sun for 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions
• The difference between breast enlargement and plastic surgery: the essential difference is that plastic surgery alone does not use breast implants;
• About pain: surgery is done under general anesthesia, the recovery usually goes smoothly and very importantly - you have constant contact with the Consultant Surgeon

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