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Eyelid correction

Fatigue, the passage of time, working with a computer screen. Many factors can damage our eyes. And yet the eyes are the greatest ornament of feminine beauty. Fortunately there are proven ways that allow us to keep a clear and young look for a long time. Surgical correction of the eyelid is one of these procedures and provides the proverbial “gleam in her eye”.

About the surgery
The procedure can apply to either upper and lower eyelids or both. In the case of lower eyelids this procedure can eliminate the so-called bags under the eyes as well as wrinkles around the eyes. Delicate cutting is performed below the edge of the eyelash, obviously under (general or local) anesthesia. The operation is short and leaves a barely visible scar. After surgery the patient is under observation overnight and the sutures are pulled out after 5 days. In the case of upper eyelids excess skin is removed and sometimes this procedure eliminates the so-called ocular fat, especially in the medial area. As in the case of lower eyelid surgery this is a short procedure, performed under general or local anesthesia and leaves a barely visible scar.

Recommendations before and after surgery
These are the same for both upper and lower eyelid surgery:
• Prior to surgery all standard tests should be performed.
• After the operation cold compresses are needed, because swelling of the eyelid remains for about 3-6 weeks, and bruises for 10-20 days.

Frequently Asked Questions
safety: this procedure is carried out very carefully and precisely, and very rarely results in complications