Preparation for the operation.
1. YOU MUST QUIT SMOKING AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS BEFORE THE OPERATION – because this affects skin healing dramatically (and it is best not to smoke a week after the operation as well).
2. You must quit DRINKING at least one week before the operation, and not drink one week after the operation.
3. You should stop taking all supplements, eg. drugs and vitamins, at least one month before the operation.
4. Unless you are told otherwise please do not diet before the operation as it is best to come to the clinic with a normal amount of body fat.

Stay in Szczecin.
• Most patients stay 6 nights in Szczecin which includes one night before the operation at a Hotel, one night at the clinic included in the operation price and a further 4 nights at a Hotel.
• The final success of the operation depends on the surgeon but also on your compliance with the Doctor’s orders. Therefore it is very important that you keep to the instructions given to you by the Doctor when in the clinic.

The day of the operation.
On the morning of the operation do not eat or drink anything (except water) until you have had your blood test !! (If you accidently forget this then please tell the Consultant Surgeon.) After the blood test there might be an opportunity to eat a breakfast before 11:00 a.m.. AFTER 11:00 a.m. YOU MUST NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING as this would affect the anaesthesia, AND IT IS DANGEROUS TO EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER 11:00.


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