After the operation you should plan not to:
1. Do not do strenuous exercise for SIX WEEKS after the operation.
2. Do NOT SUNBATHE the affected areas for SIX MONTHS after the operation as this will affect coloration of any scar tissue.
3. It is best not to smoke a week after the operation.
4. Do not drink one week after the operation.

1. Listen to and carry out all the instructions given by the Consultant Surgeon.
2. Especially regarding MASSAGING after gynecomastia – regular massaging at least once per day for 30 minutes for each side of the chest is IMPORTANT for at least 6 weeks to 3 months after the operation. This is to prevent the nipple sticking to scar tissue underneath as well as to help reduce the scar tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions
Many patients request advice on the minimum stay after a gynecomastia operation. This remains at 6 nights in Szczecin unless you can arrive at the clinic before 9 a.m. on the morning of the operation for blood tests. This stay IS FOR YOUR SAFETY - as with any operation complications can and do occur - and the best place to be is close to the Consultant Surgeon who is interested in the aesthetic result as well as your health. Additionally, all visits to the clinic as an outpatient are included in the operation price, as well as the compression vest provided by the clinic.


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