powiekszanie ust

Lip enlargement

Full and sensuous lips are the pride of every woman`s face. The perfect shape in addition to the right color of lipstick makes us feel attractive and relaxed. Medimel performs lip augmentation surgery, so that each lady can have a special smile.

About the surgery
There are two types of lip augmentation. The first, which gives a temporary effect, is to fill the lips with hyaluronic acid; the second, which gives a lasting effect, is to transplant skin without the epidermis, taken from another part of the body, such as the buttock.
The hyaluronic treatment, due to the fact that it`s not complicated, is performed very quickly, in 15 to 20 minutes under local anaesthesia. The slight swelling of the lips can even disappear within a few days after surgery.
In the case of surgical intervention general anaesthesia is used, and the swelling goes down after a few weeks.

Recommendations before and after surgery
Before performing the operation the patient does not require special preparation 90. Only standard tests are performed.

Frequently Asked Questions
One point relates to the shape of the resulting lips after surgery. Because Medimel gives an individual approach to each of our patients, this ensures a high quality of service. The shape of the mouth is so adjusted to try to harmonize with the rest of the face.