odsysanie tłuszczu

Recommendations before and after surgery
• Prior to surgery all standard tests should be performed;
• After surgery the patient stays at the clinic for a day or two of observation;
• Stitches are removed after about 7-10 days;
• For up to six weeks after the operation it is necessary to wear a special elastic compression garment to help the treatment;
• For 15 to 20 days after surgery lymphatic massage is indicated;
• The patient can return to physical activity after about 2 weeks;
•Avoid sunlight for approximately eight weeks

Frequently Asked Questions
• If there is a recurrence of weight gain: just change to a healthier way of eating, very helpful here is a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking 1 liter of water per day. In addition, physical activity is recommended;
• On the speed of effect: in this case, the effects of surgery are only gradually seen. After 6 weeks you will already see more than half the effects and after 12 weeks gain the coveted figure.

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