redukcja zmarszczek


Would you like to have a beautiful and young face for a long time without using a scalpel ? This is in fact possible and readily available. Restylane or hyaluronic acid is one of the newest ways to keep the appearance of youth. It is a natural component of our body. It is used to fill wrinkles, furrows and for lip augmentation. In its lightest form it is also used to moisten the skin and for the liquidation of acne scars. Non-invasive, natural, and possible for every lady. What more could you want?

About the treatment
Restylane is injected under the skin, and is absorbed automatically, without leaving any trace in the form of lumps or scars. Depending on the skin its effects can be seen almost immediately.

Recommendations before and after surgery
A consultation with the Consultant Surgeon is sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions
• About efficiency: Depending on your skin-type the effects of Restylane can last from a few to several months. It is recommended to repeat the procedure.