plastyka brzucha


A flat belly is a dream for most ladies, especially those who have "lost" one as a result of weight loss or pregnancy. It turns out that to have a beautiful belly is often related not only to aesthetics but also to health – as too much fat causes severe back pain. Reconstruction of the abdominal wall can be not only the removal of the redundant skin and fat layer, but sometimes the total reconstruction of the abdomen. In carrying out this procedure Medimel sometimes offers patients not only a return to a slim figure and thereby improve well-being but also a return to health.

About the surgery
There are several options for carrying out these procedures, all dependent on the patient`s needs. One of these is to create a notch above the upper border of pubic hair, from one side to the other. Abdominal detachment over the entire surface, to the lower ribs and muscles, is pulled back and the excess skin is cut. A new position for the navel is created. After the procedure a slightly visible scar is present. This method is quite a complicated type of abdominalplasty and through damage to the lymphatic vessels it can lead to increased secretion of lymph. For this reason drains are placed in the right and left of the abdomen in order to regularly drain the escaping wound fluids. After a few days the drains are removed, and the stitches are removed after about 14 days.

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